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Come visit the farm and find your new love!We have 12 available of different ages.


Welcome to EaglesViewMountain Horse Farm

 We believe to raise sound horses you need to start with a solid base, as with most things in life. That is why we have started raising mountain horses out of a stallion as close to the foundation stallion as we could find. Please take notice the resemblance our stallion, Conley, has to his grand-sire Tobe on the services page.  We have included a history of the breed on the history tab for your reading pleasure.With our breeding program we have also gone back to basics. Our stallion lives with our mares and foals, and only the foals are separated from the breeding herd at weaning. Since we are a small breeding operation, we use the imprinting method to start our foals in there interaction with humans.

We welcome you to come visit our farm, to meet this wonderful breed of horse. If you are in the market for buying, you can ride in the safety of our riding arena, round pen, or several miles of trails with a variety of terrain. You will enjoy the seclusion of the surroundings and the natural environment that this breed has originated from. We can help you with riding lessons or training of your horses.


One thing we do know for sure is that once you interact with this breed, you also will fall in love with them. I call them the baby boomers breed. We boomers are getting a little older, our back is starting to hurt, along with some other elements, but with that smooth 4 beat gait of these mountain horses you can ride all day.

Thank you for visiting our site, please enjoy the visit. If you have any questions along the way feel free to call us at the number located below.

Two of our girls at a John Lyons clinic. They had both come straight out of the field, one foaled 41/2 months prior and the other 5 months. Two of our best producers and riders.

Contact Information                                                                                                                                    

Joyce & Mark Seaver


Call - 615-489-2483 
Postal address

Po Box 180, HickmanTN, 38567 


Please check back for updates, this site is under construction.


Below are a few links to the breed associations: 

Rocky Mountain Horse Association                 www.rmhorse.com

Kentucky Mountain Horse Association -           www.kmsha.com

Mountain Pleasure Horse Association -             www.mountainpleasurehorse.org




Come spend some time on the farm!


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